km2market – one of the few companies in Russia specialized in technical communications. We specialize in:

  • POS materials
  • technical documentation
  • market analysis
  • PR and media communications
  • complex translation
  • etc.

We work in such fields as Electrical engeneering, Climate systems, Logistics and transportation, Software localisation.

Experience and motivation

Our mission is to provide quality and timely decisions of marketing problems.

Nowadays it`s not enough to produce effective equipment and facilities. Industrial enterprises face the necessity of informing clients, market analysis, widespread advertising etc. We understand the specificity of industrial marketing and use our knowledge and experience to provide effective marketing support of your business.

Our specialists are experienced in providing PR support to such large energyand transport companies as  Siemens and  Aerofuels Group. We also have long-term partnership with such European companies as Clivet and  CentralParkPraha.

KM2 market also communicates with leading conference companies like Adam Smith Conference, Maxconference,Argus Media and industry-related and authoritative business media like Neft i Kapital,Transport, Kommersant. Media-positioning strategy  developed by our specialists will become an efficient instrument of your  interaction with future business partners. Marketing activities will help you to become recognizable and well-known among potential consumers

If you are reading this article, it means that we already have ideas of  making your business more effective!



We are to reach for you in center of Russia’s Capital — amid of interaction

Poslanikov pereulok 3/5
105005 Moscow, Russia

tel/fax: +7 499 261 6212
mail: contact@km2market.com
web: http://km2market.com



Our team:

Our Team KM2market